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About Caro Friend


Living in Buckinghamshire, I am surrounded by some of nature’s most inspiring elements. Along with the ever-changing weather, this beautiful county is a constant source of influence for me and my work. On my daily walks, I’m continually exploring the perspectives, field patterns, textures, organic forms, footpaths, and colours of the landscape, through sketching and photography, which is my starting point for creating all my paintings and collages. For me, the process is as valid as the final piece. Each painting develops its own individual history over time, layer by layer. The end results can be both exciting and satisfying.

How I Work

My work explores an emotional response to the environment of my childhood. I try to capture the essence of a place and a memory of somewhere that’s held a particular fascination and connection for me. I immerse myself in the multi-sensory experience of the landscape; Changes in light, temperature, and season mean that I am continually exploring. Through sketches, photos and memories I record my journeys into this landscape: perspectives, paths, structures, textures, and colours.

Back in my studio, I work intuitively to weave together elements from my sketches, photos, and memories to distil those experiences into my paintings, exploration of my feelings, perceptions, and moods as well as an exploration of colour, texture paint, and line.

My paintings evolve over time and each new layer adds depth; each mark is evidence of what went before; each colour choice reflects the moment in which it was chosen…yet the history remains.  The viewer is drawn into the painting through the different layers and the way they mirror the life and the landscape that inspired them. Each painting develops its own unique history offering a sense of place whilst also hinting at multiple deeper meanings. ​

​ Education

MA Hons Illustration at The Royal College of Art

BA Hons Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Art
Art Foundation Diploma, specialising in Printmaking at Wimbledon College of Art

I regularly share my work and processes on Instagram (@carofriendart)

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